Monster Jam 2015

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You may want to bring your ear plugs. Generating 2,000 horsepower these monstrous trucks are kicking out some serious sound

Monster Jam brings in over 4 million fans to see the spectacle, and it’s made its way to Fargo.

The signature red headlights always make competition aware that Grave Diggers is in the house…and not just anyone can handle it says driver Chad Tingler.

“It’s the biggest name in the business, so it’s kind of an honor to drive and it’s also a lot of pressure as well,” said Tingler.

It’s not your average daily driving either, because you’re looking out of a pretty small window.

In Grave Digger, Tingler said, “I can probably see eight feet in front of me out, like anything other than that I can’t see it at all so if I were to pull up at a stop light and see somebody’s Toyota Prius, I would never even see him I’d run right over it.”

These 800 pound tires are going to make the purple junk cars flat, as pancakes.

Although the driving is pretty fun, the audience is the reason some of these drivers keep on trucking.

“Our drivers are interactive with fans because we know the fans are what makes us who we are,” said Tingler.

Enjoy the sights and sounds because for Monster Jam the sky is the limit.

Monster Jam will continue Saturday at 2:00pm and again at 7:30pm.
Ticket prices are: $10 for kids and adult tickets start at $20.