Suspicions of Tampered Election

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Possible tampering at a voting precinct in the Maple Valley school district is under investigation.

The vote over a $10 million bond for a new high school failed, but now people are coming out and saying there were violations.

When it comes to the vote over the bond for a new high school in Maple Valley’s School District, 58% of the community voted in favor of the bond, but they needed 60% to pass.

Now, multiple sources have come forward saying that tampering was involved during Election Day. Some people are disappointed in this possible scandal.

Alexandria Sweeney who votes said, “I don’t think it’s a very appropriate thing to do, it’s not very trustworthy I guess.”.”

It’s said that multiple people were involved by illegally influencing voters at the polls.

Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney said,”That is from the allegations we received and that was very much the influenced being placed on arriving voters, not only from the citizens there but also from election workers as well.”

After looking at the votes, there was a high variance compared to other locations. The number of people involved are still to be determined.

If the tampering is true, a special election could be possible but some say, what’s even the point in voting?

“If my vote doesn’t count, then why do we vote then,” said Sweeney.

Sheriff Laney says you shouldn’t have to worry about your vote on Election Day.

“The day that you go cast your vote you are not being inundated by both sides by whatever sides of the issue. You get to go into the sanctity of a polling place and cast your vote,” said Sheriff Laney.
It’s still unclear if those who were violating voting rules were for or against the bond.

The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation has taken over the case for further investigation.