Grand Forks Students Learn The Breaking-Up Basics

Breaking–Up Is Hard To Do No Matter What Your Age.

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Breaking–up is hard to do no matter what your age.

Grand Forks students learn “Break–ups 101” just in time for Valentine’s Day from specialists from Futures Without Violence and Boston Public Health.

When it comes to breaking up “being on the same page” is crucial but doesn’t always happen.

Student Prem Thakker says, “If we’re not communicating fully not everyone is on the same page.”

Students were given 3–steps to get through a break–up: Take a technology time out, take care of yourself and take responsibility for your actions.

Student Alex Stroth says, “I feel like it’s a very useful tool to be sure that people don’t overreact to a break–up or any other social encounter throughout their everyday life.”

Social Media plays a role in a relationship and can interfere with the breaking–up process.

Futures Without Violence Program Director Casey Corcoran says, “It’s like shouting it to everyone in your friend network so something that used to be personal and stay between the two people now becomes something that everyone’s involved in when really they shouldn’t be.”

Valentine’s Day is not just a day to spend with your sweetheart but to evaluate your relationship and whether or not it’s working.

Boston Public Health Department Program Manager Jess Alder says, “This is a great opportunity to figure out how it is going in a relationship with the person that you’re dating. Maybe it’s not a good fit and you need the tools to end it.”

Students left the workshop with words of wisdom for the future.

Stroth says, “Definitely be sure to confront them face–to–face and have a serious conversation about how each other feels about the relationship.”

Thakker says, “Be able to have the courage to talk to someone face–to–face and know that nothing is going to be easy but you’re gonna have to do it.”

The class is being held as part of Teen Dating Violence Prevention Awareness Month.