Packing Heat At North Dakota Schools

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Parents are speaking up about the idea of faculty and staff carrying guns on school grounds in North Dakota.

The bill that would allow this to happen has recently been passed by the House and now is sent to the Senate for consideration.

Every parent wants their child to be safe in school. Places like Utah allow those with carry and concealed permits into schools. But some people aren’t happy with this potentially happening in North Dakota.

There are mixed emotions by parents when it comes to the idea that those with concealed carry weapons license can pack heat in schools.

Fargo parent Pickar Melissa said, “I don’t think we should be introducing this type of thing in elementary and junior highs where their curiosity is already heightened.”

Another parent Lee Falk said, “Given circumstances of modern times, I think it’s something that is necessary.”

One North Dakota representative says it will help the rural areas where law enforcement response will take at least a half hour.

Schools without a resource officer tend to use the defense plan ALICE.

North Dakota Representative Dwight Kiefert said, “And that is a plan that, where they lock the doors of course, but then the kids are told to run and hide and if the shooter confronts you, you’re supposed to fight with them. I mean that’s kind of ridiculous, I think we could do a lot better in North Dakota.”

It would be ideal if all schools had a resource officer but it’s estimated that it’s $75 million per year.

The school would have to provide training with local law enforcement and inform them who would be authorized to carry.

“It’s just worrisome; it’s just one more thing that we don’t need in a classroom. It’s a safe environment, and that’s what it’s supposed to be for them,” said Pickar.

If the bill does pass it would be up to the schools to actually allow staff and faculty to carry on the school’s campuses.