Fish House Theft On The Lakes

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Multiple fish house burglaries are leaving the Otter Tail County sheriff’s office on the hunt.

Thousands of dollars worth of fishing poles, reels, tackle and other accessories reported stolen.

People take to a lake for some fun, relaxation and the chance to get away…not to be a victim of theft.

Joseph Hofmann says, “They hit my brother’s house first…they probably panicked and had to get out of there.”

After cleaning out his brother’s fish house the thieves then moved onto Joseph Hoffman’s house.

The fish house owner says,  “Pried open the door. Couldn’t get in so they resorted to breaking out the window.”

They managed to steal an underwater game cam, and tackle among other fishing items between both houses…and Joseph thinks he has an idea of who the suspects could be.

Hofmann adds, “They’re kids. 20s. They’re old enough to drive. I have proof of their tracks. Saw them walk to my fish house. Two of them.”

If you plan on going to the lake this week there are a few things you can do to keep your fish house safe.

Lt. Barry Fitzgibbons says, “It’s important to lock your fish house. Pull the shades. Don’t let people see what’s in there and most importantly always take your valuables away whether it’s electronics, fishing rods, propane tanks. Some people have tvs in their fish houses.”

If you’re staying on the lake and around other people make friends with them.

Fitzgibbons adds, “For fish houses, there’s usually several around so keep an eye out for another another. It helps.”

Lt. Fitzgibbons also says that if you see anything suspicious be sure to call it in.