NDSU Cheer Team Comes To Park Christian School

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 Some students in the region put down their pencils for the weekend and picked up their pom poms.

Cheer Camp started off with some high flying moves thanks to the NDSU Cheer Team at Park Christian School.
Zoe Bundy is helping make signs at the camp.
Sign making, is an integral part of cheerleading, but it’s only one of the many parts Zoe likes about the program.

“You get to do stunts even if like the younger you are you still get to do stunts it doesn’t matter how old you are you can do really anything if you just follow,” said 4th Grader Zoe Bundy.

Zoe, along with 70 other campers got special instruction from the NDSU Cheer Team.
It’s the first time they’ve come to the cheer camp and many kids were excited.
They taught the students alongside the Park Christian Cheer Team.

“The best part about camp is seeing my girls sort of just come into their own gifts and their own talents and watch them teach the younger ones,” said PCS Head Cheer Team Coach Jessie Aamodt.

Jacob Brannan is proud of being part of a group that can help mentor younger students.

“To be able to come out and actually see kids that are, that look up to us and want to be where we’re at someday is pretty cool,” said Brannan.

Cheer camp happens twice a year and there’s plenty of experience from staff.

“I love cheerleading, I used to cheer on the NDSU team as well and it’s so fun to be able to do this,” said Aamodt.

One of the reasons Zoe joined cheer camp is because of the coaches.

“You can just tell like by the coaches, the coaches are really nice and they have a really kind heart so,” said Zoe.

Zoe hopes to join the NDSU cheer team when she goes to college and after today, she may not be the only one.

If you want to check out all of the hard work the campers have been putting in, you can catch them cheer at the halftime show during the Park Christian Boys Basketball game this Friday at 7:30.

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