First Heavy Snowfall Hits Area

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 The first big snowfall of the season has many drivers on edge.
There is a thin coating of ice under all that new snow.

 Ryan Janke is an equipment operator for Fargo Public Works.
He’s helping clear roads after Fargo got over three inches of snow.
He says it’s the most they have cleared this winter season.

“The most we had was 0.9 inches, I’m not sure what we have now but it’s definitely more than that already I think,” said Janke.

Police say there were more than a dozen accidents on the road.
While you would think people are angry at the snow coming in, it’s a relief for people like Jen Hoy.

“I do kind of enjoy the forced exercise element of shoveling so it’s nice to be out here getting some fresh air in my lunch hour,” said Hoy of Fargo.

She isn’t the only one who enjoys shoveling the snow.

“Just different color you know, you kind of get sick of seeing grass and brown everywhere you know its winter time,” said Travis Bock of Fargo.

And then of course, there’s the animals.

Many in the area are excited about the snowfall, but they aren’t digging the slippery roads.

Hoy works for a local electric company and has to take extra care on the icy and snowy roads.

“It would have been a lot nicer if we hadn’t gotten rain before the snow fell. You had to take a little extra time to get to work today and watch out for other drivers and just take it slow,” said Hoy.

Fargo Public Works wants people to keep in mind that they shouldn’t drive carelessly around their plows.

“Please give us room, stay back don’t try to pass the plow, you know if you see us coming just hang back,” said Janke.

Authorities also urge people to drive for conditions and keep in mind the roads can be very slippery.