Thousands Of Job Openings In The Valley

North Dakota Businesses Are Hiring

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If you’ve driven around the F-M area lately, you’ve surely noticed hiring signs in the windows of several businesses. There are more than 5,500 job openings in Cass County alone.

Businesses throughout the region are struggling to find employees in every industry, not just restaurants. But most people agree that this is a great problem to have.

Gregory Cornfield is from Chicago but now lives and works in Fargo. His friend is following his footsteps and is making the move in two weeks.

“He’s going to come live with me and just take advantage of the fact that there’s so much available right now it seems like,” says Cornfield.

That isn’t the case in other places like Chicago.

“Not nearly as much mobility or as many options as you would have coming here,” he continued.

Job seekers are in job heaven in the metro and across North Dakota. But employers can’t seem to fill positions fast enough.

“There’s still a workforce shortage. Companies are finding it difficult to fill all the openings that they have to get the employees with the skills and special circumstances that they’re looking for,” says Fargo Job Service Manager Carey Fry.

And businesses aren’t just posting help wanted signs, some are even offering incentives.

“I think that they need to be creative. They need to go looking for their employees not just wait for them to come to them,” Fry says.

One World Boutique downtown Fargo is resorting to social media.

“We found out in the past, we’ve put ads on Facebook and in the newspaper, so we used a lot of different avenues and we found that we get a quicker response period through Facebook,” says store manager Courtney Schur.

But some business owners just can’t find qualified employees.

“The past year has just been crazy because Fargo is growing so much and it’s hard to find good, qualified people,” says Ned Halilovic, owner of Ambassador Cleaning and Rainbow Restoration.

But with more people like Gregory and his friend moving to the state, employers will have the best chance to fill any openings.

If you’re looking for a job, North Dakota job service holds job fairs for every industry. You can go to

To apply for a position at One World, pick up an application in store.

Upcoming Job Fairs:
Construction Job Fair – March 10
Second Chance Job Fair – April 15
FM Career Expo – April 22
Fall Job Fair – September 24
Health, Tech & Trade Career Expo – December 3