Youth Ice Fishing Derby

Kids Wait for A Fish to Bite

Kids put their fishing rods in the ice and waited for a fish to bite at the annual Youth Ice Fishing Derby.

Youth under 15 years old waited for their catch of perch, bluegill and northern pike fish.

Children were encouraged to try and catch the fish on their own, but parents could help put bait on the hook and take the fish off.

Community members say this event is a way to make the best of Fargo winters.

“We want to embrace where we live and embrace our culture here and ice fishing has been around for forever. So it’s really I think important for our kids and our youth to experience it and try it, have a positive experience like this so it’s been a really positive event for our community,” says Fargo Park District Recreation Specialist Craig Bjur.

Children say this ice fishing event is a good way to bring the community together.

“It’s cool there’s a lot of people here so I think it’s pretty good to spend time with your family and friends just sitting out here fishing,” says ice fisher Ethan Krogen.

The Fargo Park District put on the event and it was free to the public.