New Wheels For Fargo

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How about getting exercise and the closet spot to work.

Bike Share in Fargo is setting up to launch next Saturday and provide the community with 101 bikes to rent.

So you want a bicycle, but are you willing to pay the price? You could get your own, or rent a bicycle from Bike Share where you pay a membership price or just swipe your credit card for daily pass for six dollars.

You must keep each ride under 30 minutes, need more time?
Drop off the bike at any station and take another one to reset the clock.

People think this is a great idea for Fargo.

Avid bike rider Adam Heckathorn said, “We’re all going to be better off the more people that are riding bikes; maybe not everyone is going to do it. But the more people that do, imagine if the third of the people. I’m imagine what that would do for the traffic, what it would do for ecology.”

With 11 docking stations across downtown and NDSU’s campus City Commissioner Mike Williams says he can’t wait to start cycling.

“If you don’t have to drive everywhere you go, you save a lot of money and get more exercise. So you burn calories instead of gas,” said Commissioner Williams

Although there are no bikes in this station yet, those a part of the program, hope that when they do come each and everyone is used

Great Northern Bicycle Company‚Äôs Tom Smith said, “It’s just another opportunity to not have to use their cars, they can zip back and forth downtown if they’re going toward campus they can certainly use it for that as well. For tourists coming into town it gives them an opportunity to experience our community on a different level than they would if they were always in a rental car.”

If you think about it, Bike Share is a Redbox but for bikes. So get ready because on March 15th you can make your payment and take a ride.

You can sign up at:

Annual Membership: $75.00
Monthly Membership:$15.00
Daily Passes: $6.00

Docking Stations: