Baby Delivered By Grandmother At Gas Station

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A pregnant woman’s trip to the hospital took an unexpected detour.

Her mother ended up helping her give birth in the parking lot of a gas station in Moorhead.

We first brought you this amazing story last week and now we’ve spoken exclusively with the new mom and grandmother.

Cora Schlieve and her mother Gwyn Risbrudt hit the road early last Tuesday morning.

They were heading nearly 80 miles from Ashby, Minnesota to Fargo so Cora could give birth…at least that was the plan.

Gwyn Risbrudt says, “We’re taking off thinking we’re not just sure if this is the real thing or not. We just got by Barnesville. She had a couple of major contractions. She said ‘Mom, I want to push’ and I said ‘we’re not going to make it.'”

Realizing that they wouldn’t make it to Essentia in time, Gwyn changed plans.

Risbrudt says, “Right about the weight station coming into Moorhead I called 9–1–1 and told them I needed an ambulance at the Holiday Gas Station because my daughter was delivering.”

Gwyn and Cora pulled into this Moorhead gas station and it was time…Zander Paul was born!

The proud grandma says, “I jumped out of the car and here came the head…and I said “okay, keep pushing.” She had 3–pushes then I was holding baby.”

Gwyn stepped it up for the occasion like no other proud grandma could have.

Cora Schlieve says, “I think she did amazing. I keep thinking if there would have been anyone else with me I don’t think they would have handled it like she did.”

Gwyn wasn’t flying blind. She has experience dealing with medical emergencies.

Risbrudt adds, “I’m a retired EMT…which for a little while there I forgot I was grandma or mom and the EMT training kicked it. I don’t know…but I kind of dreamt of doing something like this when I was on the ambulance service.”

Since delivering Zander, she feels a special bond unlike the ones with her other grandchildren.

Risbrudt says, “It’s kind of like he’s more mine. I had that first little connection to him and I don’t know how to tell you as a Grandma just how awesome it is.