NDSCS Clinic Gives Kids Smiles

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NDSCS Allied Dental Education Clinic helped brighten kids smiles during “Give Kids A Smile Day”. Free dental care is available to children between the ages of three and 18.

Todd Martins allowed his six–year–old daughter Harper to take a half day off from school to see one of the college’s dental students.

Martins says, “Chelsea actually…the lady who cleaned her teeth is the one who told me about it. Signed us up. It’s a good deal.”

The NDSCS students had 47 kids signed up and took walk–ins. It’s to help kids who may have difficulty accessing dental care or families with limited income.

Program Coordinator Chanel Johnson says, “We’re doing sealants. Preventative. It seals the grooves in the teeth to prevent kids from getting cavities…hygiene care, oral hygiene instruction and restorative work.”

Taking care of your teeth is crucial. Not brushing and flossing can lead to many health issues.

Johnson adds, “If you don’t take care of your teeth you will have future problems with losing your teeth or systemic diseases that can come up because of that.”

Professional dentists were also on–site working with students and servicing the community.

Retired Dentist Dr. Ken Weidman says, “I usually try to get over here on “Give Kids A Smile” and give something back.

Besides just brushing your teeth, there are a few other things that you can do to prevent future oral problems.

Weidman adds, “You have to watch your diet and see a professional once in a while…You know those three things. Brush. Floss. Watch out for sugar.”

Taking care of those pearly whites for a healthy smile and healthier you.

Over $12–thousand worth of donated dental services were provided last year to local children at this same event.