Warmer Weather To Fargo

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Record temperatures hit Fargo and people are taking advantage of it.

Our high of 58 breaks an over 100 year record!

Can it be true, shorts and t–shirts? People are taking layers off and staying outside as temperatures rise.

Dogs at the park are able to run around and enjoy the sun, and the owners don’t mind it either.

While watching his dog Brad Kuntz said, “This year I only had to hook up my snow plow for one time for one snow plow verses last year where I never took the plow off the truck. It’s been a beautiful winter I hope we get more of them like this in the future.”

We broke the oldest record in March set on this day in 1902 at 55 degrees. We only got to 44 on this date last year.

With many people jacket free today, how long will this weather really last.

KVRR Meteorologist Rob Kupec said, “If you go back to 2000 we had a very warm stretch in march, march was very warm there was a whole bunch of record highs from 2000 and in the beginning of April we set a record low so I would say were not out of the wood from the cold but the really brutal stuff we’ll probably be done with.”

For now kids are out on the playground and grandparent Gail Anderson says, the girls love it.

“To be able to go outside so it’s really nice out so, they love it so they’re just really excited,” said Anderson.

We can’t predict what mother nature will do, but we sure hope she keeps spring weather in our future.

The record high for entire month of March in Fargo was set in 1910 at 80 degrees.