Parents Express Boundary Change Concerns

Asks School Board To Reconsider

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Wednesday night was the first public forum meeting for the Fargo School Board to discuss secondary school boundary changes. Nearly 75 concerned parents showed up and had several questions for the superintendent.

Enrollment is declining at north side schools but reaching capacity at schools in the south side. In response to this, the school board has already preliminarily approved boundary changes. But most parents are not happy about it and are speaking up.

Fargo parents applauded the voice of concerned parent Eric Sondag.

“Some of the concerns that I have are how it affects the social relationships of the kids, the social relationships of the community because we do have such a strong connection to our schools,” Sondag says.

The superintendent addressed the crowd and said he knows there are several issues surrounding the changes.

“The biggest concern is moving, moving from the existing attendance area that they [parents] have to a new attendance area and I think throughout the process no matter when we do this type of process that’s always the biggest concern,” says Jeffrey Schatz, the Fargo Schools Superintendent.

Parents didn’t hesitate to offer feedback and asked that the board reconsiders some of the planned boundaries. But despite the controversy, one principal says Fargo students are in good hands.

“The fortunate thing that we have in our district is that we have great schools. We have great elementary, middle and high schools. So the opportunities are going to be there for all students,” says Fargo North Principal Andy Dahlen.

The proposed changes will take place during the 2016-2017 school year. Parents with kids already at certain schools will get a guaranteed approved petition to keep their kids together. The next public forum meeting is on Thursday, March 12th at Jefferson Elementary school.