Area Fans Support NDSU Basketball

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 The town is buzzing with anticipation about NDSU’s participation in the NCAA’s March Madness.
Many Bison fans are lifelong followers of the team.
“Forever,” said Jackie Sharratt of West Fargo.
“I’ve been a Bison fan my entire life,” said Nicole Garrett of Dilworth.
“All my life,” said Brandon Kluth of Moorhead.
“Yeah, probably since I was like born and everything,” said Kellie Sharratt of West Fargo.
Fans got a special treat from the basketball team.
Before the NCAA seed selection, fans were able to get autographs and meet the team.
Jackie Sharratt serves meals at NDSU and regularly meets players.
“It’s really awesome. I’m so happy for them, proud of them,” said Sharratt.
You could say she’s a big fan.
“The Bison to me mean, they can stomp anything,” said Sharratt.
Her daughter doesn’t fall far from the tree.
“It’s pretty like nice, because like, sometimes my mom takes me to her work and I get to meet them, and then I see them and then like, my mom’s always talking to them and everything,” said Kellie.
Not only was the event to meet the players, it was also a chance for families to celebrate their Bison pride.
“It’s great for families. We’re here watching the end of the Big Ten Tournament, hanging out. There’s food, tons of people here. A lot of fun,” said Garrett.
Brandon Kluth sees his fair share of Bison games.
“It’s cool, it’s really neat to meet the Bison players. I think A.J’s got to be my favorite player,” said Kluth.
It’s a chance for kids like Kellie to come out and meet their favorite athletes.

The Bison will be playing Gonzaga University in the tournament.

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