Red Cross Helps ND Family

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The American Red Cross responds to about 70,000 thousand disasters in the U.S.

On his way back from church last October, Jeff Klonowski never expected to see his home engulfed in flames and destroying everything.

he American Red Cross was there on scene to help.

“The thing that the red cross did that touched me or really got to me was that they found the kids and gave them all toys and blankets and made sure they were taken care of. And then they started distributing snacks and stuff,” said Jeff.

Red Cross officials provided Jeff and his family shelter in a hotel for several weeks and helped them find their new home.

American Red Cross’s Sonya Jensen said, “We like to be there for them, not to just be that blanket that wraps them in comfort but also be the person that gives them the credit card that helps them financially and then help them set up with other organizations that can help them in the new few months or years whatever it may be to get them back on their feet.”

Jeff says their lives wouldn’t be the same without the Red Cross,”Without the red cross it would be very hard, very hard.”

With the help from the Red Cross, Jeff is now giving back to the organization. Still in training, he’s decided to volunteer at the Red Cross in the disaster relief sector, the group that was there when his apartment went up in flames.

“They helped my family a lot and if there’s any way I can give back you know…and now that I’m actually out there trying to help, it makes me feel good,” said Jeff.

He also says donations are key to the Red Cross, and you never know if someday you’ll need their help.

You can look into donating money or your time to the organization at