Touchmark Seniors St. Paddy’s Pub Crawl

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When it comes to celebrating the luck of the Irish, age is not a factor.

The Touchmark retirement community celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with a very special Pub Crawl.

Seniors took to downtown Fargo dressed from head to toe in green showing off their Irish pride.

Pub crawler Laverne Nudson says, “I am pretending that I’m Irish. My Scandinavian blood says it’s alright.”

After the first Touchmark pub crawl last year, some of the attendees are veterans while others are first–timers.

Bar crawler Don Hogenson says, “Last year, I talked with some people that went and they had a lot of fun and I forgot to go so this year I made sure I went.”

They stopped at Old Broadway for lunch, tasted beer at the Wurst Beir Hall followed by dessert at the HoDo.

Wurst Beir bartender Elijah Larson says, “I would rather serve a pub crawl like that any day of the week. They’re all friendly and nice and they’ve been around long enough where they know how to behave.”

This St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl allows the retirement community to celebrate the day in the luckiest of ways.

Touchmark Life Enrichment Assistant Anna Lawler says, “It’s a good sense of fun where you don’t get too worried about what other people say. Trying something new and experiencing the world.”

There were only 7 pub crawlers last year. This year’s crowd exceeds 30 and there’s high hopes for next year to be even bigger and better.

Hogenson adds, “Because these 30–people each will go talk to one or two other people so pretty soon they will have talked to 30–more and they talk to 30–more and pretty soon you’ve talked to 100–people so maybe next year they’ll be 50.”

This is just one of the many daily social activities that Touchmark at Harwood Groves offers to its retirement community.