Women’s Way Expands Age Range For Services

A Breast Cancer Survivor Speaks About Prevention

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Women’s Way expands its early detection care for breast and cervical cancers in North Dakota.

The Department of Health program now serves those 21 to 64, instead of just those 40 to 64.

Lisa Verworn of Fargo is a 7–year breast cancer survivor who proves the disease can happen to anyone.

Verworn says, “I was 41 when I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. I had no family history of it. Noticed some changes in my breast and made an appointment to have it checked out.”

She had a mammogram and nothing came up. She waited 8–months before her next exam and that was when her life changed.

Had doctors informed her of her dense breast tissue she would have been diagnosed sooner.

The breast cancer survivor says, “I was unaware that I had fibrois breast.”

Dense breast tissue is present in about 40% of women.

A bill in the North Dakota house would make sure women are informed.

Women’s Way Coordinator Kristi-Lee Weyrauch says, “They’re bumpy. You have lumps. Is something hiding behind it? Could be. Is a mammogram doing to pick it up? Potentially not.”

Women’s Way lost many to the Medicaid expansion but now helps a larger new age range prevent cancer.

Verworn adds, “I think helping women it empowers them. You notice a change, you can go in and request a mammogram or if you have other problems you can have a pap smear to check things out. Knowledge is power.”

Keep up with your health, know your body and get those exams.

Women’s Way provides screenings for North Dakota residents not eligible for Medicaid making under $23,000 annually.