GiGi’s Playhouse Opening In Fargo

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 It’s National Down Syndrome Day and many in the community are excited about a new center opening in Fargo that will help support and spread awareness about the genetic disorder.
 With every song, and maraca swing, individuals with Down syndrome are getting a chance to play and interact with each other at GiGi’s Playhouse open house.

Diane Lanoue traveled to the open house with her 16–month old son all the way from Detroit Lakes.
“To find out this place opening it’s really awesome to have that opportunity for him and grow up with that,” said Lanoue.
She found out her son had Down syndrome only a few months ago.

He has a twin brother who doesn’t have the genetic disorder.
“It was a little shock but at the same time, I mean there’s nothing you can do it doesn’t change who he is,” said Lanoue.
The open house is a preview for the new center which organizers say they hope will open this summer.
“People can come and bring their families and loved ones with Down syndrome and meet other people and use our programming that we have,” said GiGi’s Open House Coordinator Tonya Oss-Brewer.
Some community members say this is a great center for Fargo to have.
Allison Caspers is a kindergarten teacher and has a student with Down syndrome.
“I just think it’s great because this is going to give this community a place to go to for support,” said Caspers of West Fargo.
The playhouse also offers tutoring and therapeutic programs.
“The more we can help them, the more to help them develop, it’s going to be awesome for his life and his future and that’s all we can ask for,” said Lanoue.
It’s an achievement center that allows families like Lanoue’s to connect and thrive.

There are 21 GiGi’s Playhouses across U.S. and Mexico with several more on the way.