Sabin Community Helping Young Girl

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 Many in the Sabin community are coming together to help a 1–year–old girl diagnosed with a heart condition.
They hope to help out 1–year–old Grace with every scoop of spaghetti, and silent auction item.
“Last year she was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy,” said Grace’s father Anton Albrecht.
It’s a condition where the heart muscle is abnormal, and she was diagnosed at only four months old.
“We had taken her in because she wasn’t breathing and it just snowballed from there. We had to go get an X–ray, her heart was enlarged,” said Grace’s mother Ashli Albrecht.
Grace’s heart is doing a lot better, but she needs to constantly take medication.
The silent auction and pasta feed is a way to help out with the family’s stressed finances.
Mike Wheeler spent a while preparing for this day.
“I’ve been going around collecting donations for about three weeks,” said Wheeler.
People around the community say they are impressed with everyone’s support.
“It looks great. I think there’s more people here than they expected,” said Patrick Deyle of Fargo.
The family is very appreciative of the community support and they say all of the donations will go a long way.
“I walked in, it was, yeah thank you everybody,” said Ashli.

“Amazing, I was telling Ashli you know if one really good positive can come out of this, it’s how everybody’s just pitched in, dropped their lives to help us you know come here,” said Anton.
A community united, to help keep a young girl happy and healthy.
If you would like to find out how you can donate to the family, you can visit