Youth Creating Kits for Homeless

Local youth from different faiths come together to help the community,  the event in it’s second year is hosted by the Better Together Interface Student Alliance.

Wren says he heard about creating hygiene kits for the homeless from his friend, and believes it the right thing to do.
First time volunteer Wren Holt said,”They can’t really help themselves, that’s what a human’s supposed to do, help those that can’t help themselves.”
And to some it leaves a sense of accomplishment.
Enass Abdulaziz loves to volunteer and said,”It feels really good to get a chance to help people that really need it.
There were at least 500 kits filled with things like toothpaste, soap and towels and although created by those with different faiths, they all can unite.

Rachel Crippen helping organize the event said, “We also have common values, common goals we all want to see in our community so kindness and compassion those are things that are central everybody’s belief systems and that we can use them to work towards a common goal.”

And to some it’s even a greater meaning than just creating these kits
“It’s just really a beautiful thing, when you think about it. Bringing people together and making people happy,” said Wren.
And a beautiful thing for those less fortunate in the community.

More than 150 people helped create the kits for those experiencing homelessness

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