MSUM’s Blackhurst to Run Boston Marathon

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MSUM’s President will soon be stepping foot onto Boston for one of the biggest marathons in the world.

President Anne Blackhurst is making sure she is ready to represent her school in style.
KVRR’s Aries Serrano caught up with the president and tells us how she’s getting ready for the big day.

Step after step, President Anne Blackhurst is getting closer to the big day: running in the Boston Marathon.

“I’m really just going to soak it all in, make the most of the experience and hopefully come home not just with my finishers medal but with a lot of memories as well.”

The school president who goes by Anne has a large following of students.

“I am an Anne Fan.”

“I feel like I see her all over campus and I feel like as a student, that’s so important to see your president all over.”

Throughout her first year in office, she connected with students and the community.

She helped raise more than a million dollars for the school by running 50 laps.

One of the reasons the Fargo marathon will be going through local universities this year is due to her ambition.

And she says she tries to go to as many student events as possible.

“I think it really matter to faculty and students that I show up and that I value the excellent work that’s going on here.”

Donna Brown works closely with Anne and she says her attitude is contagious.

“Getting exercise, you know being healthy and those types of things, those are all very public ways of showing that she value that for all of her faculty staff and students here at MSUM.”

“Many students say they appreciate how hard Anne has been working to connect with the community and they also say they can’t wait to see her run in the Boston Marathon, with some nice shoes.”

Rachel Savig follows Anne on Twitter and saw the Dragon shoes she’ll be wearing.
She will be following Anne’s race closely.

“I also really like her shoes that she got for the marathon, I saw that. I thought that was pretty exciting.”

With the race a week away, Anne’s taking it easy for now.

“I did an eight mile run on Monday but I’m not going to run very much more between now and the race. A couple of three or four mile runs maybe; mostly just resting my legs at this point.”

It’s a national race that will have a hint of MSUM and the Red River Valley, thanks to Anne.

Aries Serrano, KVRR News.

The Boston Marathon is Monday, April 20th.

Anne will be attending several Alumni events while she is on the east coast.

We wish her the best of luck.

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