Officer Bus Busters Have Their Eyes on Texting and Driving

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A number of agencies are back on school buses in Moorhead, cracking down on distracted drivers.

They are looking for those who are texting or otherwise distracted while driving.
KVRR’s Brittany Ford reports.

Officers are teaming up with the Moorhead school district hosting their 2nd-ever busted by the bus.

Both law enforcement and school district officials want drivers to be more aware of their surroundings especially near schools.

“Basically we want people to pay attention to that bus school so there’s no better way to get people to pay attention to that school bus than to have the idea that there may be a law enforcement officer on that school bus. It’s a way for us to make a difference through education and enforcement.”

“And to reduce distracted driving Moorhead law enforcement are using this yellow school bus as their office for the day.”

Officers are able to get a good gauge of distracted drivers while riding school buses, where they then relay violating vehicles to other officers stationed along the route.
One person we talked to says she sees the good in the event despite the invasion of privacy.

“They are going to have to do that because people are not getting it you can’t text and drive and check email and drive it’s a little uncomfortable thinking they are watching me from up above but I don’t know what other choice we have right now.”

In a four hour period, officers stopped 32 vehicles and issued 14 citations for distracted driving.

They hope that spreading the word will reduce these types of violations.

Brittany Ford KVRR News.

Officers will have extra enforcement on distracted driving violations through Saturday.

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