Sidewalk Art In Moorhead Postponed

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 The Moorhead City Council is expressing concerns about funding sidewalk art.
The project would imprint art and poetry on concrete along Main and Center Avenue and some residential streets.

The council does not support using taxpayer dollars to fund the $14,000 project.

Some council members are supporting the project as long as it’s funded in part privately or by a grant.

Members of the mayor’s Art Advisory Group are raising money for the project.
“I think this project along with a few others that are starting to happen this summer around Moorhead can serve as a catalyst to launch sort of an arts renaissance for Moorhead and kind of revitalize downtown area,” said Su Legatt with the mayor’s Art Advisory Group.

“The community is excited about it; we just need to find the money to get the city council to agree,” said
Mara Morken with the mayor’s Art Advisory Group.
The Moorhead City Council is expected to take another look at the project on April 27th.

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