Debate Over Homeless Complex in Moorhead

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People in Moorhead speak up about the controversial apartment complex for the homeless.

Churches United for the Homeless held a meeting to show different renderings of the building and want to hear from the community.

This multi–million dollar complex was denied funding last year by the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency.

Those at Churches United think it will be approved this time with a stronger application, but others hope it’s struck down again.

Gene Nicholsen’s daughter lives in the community right next to where the proposed apartment complex is to be built, and he’s completely against the idea.

“Whether they’re homeless, adults, kids whatever. they just don’t want a bunch of people that they don’t know walking through their neighborhoods,” said Nicholsen.

People have wondered if the area will be safe when it’s built.

Board President Dara Lee said, “We would never let anybody in who’s an obvious threat to the health or the safety of any of the other tenants in the building to the churches united staff to the property management staff or to the neighborhood.”

Tension filled the air when talking about why the complex shouldn’t be built, because some are passionate about it going through.

Pauline Smith who’s in favor of the complex said, “A number of people believe that you should be able to pull yourself up by your boot straps, well you try that when you have children, no husband no income and no place to live, i couldn’t do it.”

While there were papers to fill out concerns on the different renderings, Gene doesn’t think it’ll change anything.

“They’re not looking for input from the community, they’re looking to get the community to accept what they’re doing,” said Nicholsen.

Churches United has until June 18th to put their application in to the housing finance agency to in order to receive any funding.

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