Giving Hope For Nepal

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The death toll continues to rise in Nepal from aftershocks after a number of earthquakes in the country.

A 25-year–old Minot woman in the country to help and went missing, has been found and is okay.

The country is still trying to handle the devastation from first quake that hit last month killing more than 8,000 people.

One recent MSUM graduate was able to reach her family to give us an idea of what’s going on in the state.

Kabina Chaulagain said,”Just getting to hear you know my family and my neighbors were good.”

Kabina’s family is camping outside their house in Nepal for fear of it collapsing after another earthquake hit Tuesday.

Speaking with her brother, he describes the scene from yesterday.

 Kabina’s brother said, “They’re screaming and coming out of the buildings”

Funds are being raised here in the metro to provide help for Nepal.

“With that earthquake coming in again, and monsoon season beginning in the country. And all of those aftershocks with landslides and all those things people are badly in need of urgent support and help.”

But has helped arrived in Nepal?

“There’s been no aid, no relief since the second earth quake?” said Kabina.

“No there is nothing there is nothing,” said Kabina’s brother.

Kabina says raising money and doing everything she can for her home country isn’t enough.

“It still doesn’t help me you know, just the matter of fact that I’m not there and they’re going through all of this, and it feels like I’m not even a part of it,” said Kabina.

If you’d like to help in relief efforts here are a couple:

The Bhutanese Buddha Society of North Dakota has set up a Checking Account at U.S. Bank (Account Number: 163071403386)


American Red Cross Online Donation