Battle for the Corporate Cup

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Companies in the F-M area battle outside of the conference room.
 It is the 7th year of the Chambers Corporate Cup.

Around 800 competitors within 50 teams.
There was some stiff competition between businesses in this grown up field day.

First up, the obstacles course.

BellState Bank’s Josh Haagenson said, “Uh, hopefully not too tried, it’s only 100 meters so  think  I can handle that.”

Those in the non-competitive category, say it was a breeze!

“It wasn’t bad, we came out on top,” said Haagenson.

But what’s the reason for the chamber of commerce to host the corporate cup?

Corporate Cup Chair Niketa Kusler said, “It promotes health and fitness, it gets everybody out of the office gets them moving gets their blood pumping and it’s also and awesome team building event.”
When it comes to kickball and Ultimate Frisbee, others in the competitive group have a goal.

When asked what was going through his mind, Discovery Benefits Kurtis Karn said, “Win!”
Other than becoming the champions, competitors say there’s a bigger picture.

Karn also said, “We try to stay involved in the community as much as possible and we’re a big company on culture and this kind of shows that we like to go out and support that.”

The chamber of commerce for the F-M area is the largest chamber in North Dakota and Minnesota.