Travelers Head To The Lakes For Memorial Day Weekend

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Traffic is picking up along I–94 as people head off to the lakes for the long Memorial Day weekend holiday.

It is typically one of the deadliest times on the roads in Minnesota.

KVRR tells you how those heading to Detroit Lakes are not letting the traffic or construction delays put a damper on their holiday weekend plans.

It’s the weekend many have been waiting for.

Arvid Berg of Fargo is glad Memorial Day Weekend is finally here!

Arvid Berg says, “Big time! I got a friend that’s meeting me at the lake down there. Going to fish this afternoon and into the evening a little bit.”

He got an early start on his travels to Detroit Lakes this afternoon but is not thrilled to see the much dreaded traffic.

The Fargo Resident says, “Both ways there’s a lot of traffic going but going out is terrible. Lots of pickups full of stuff going to the lake. A lot of trainers going to the lake. All in beds and chairs what have you.”

Law enforcement warns drivers of the construction they’ll find along the way.

Sgt. Jesse Grabow says, “Highway 10 and Highway 59 has some work being done on it right in Detroit Lakes and there’s also going to be some spot on the freeway if you’re traveling from the Fargo-Moorhead area.”

Grabow says there are necessary precautions boat and camper owners should consider when taking them out for the first time this season.

The Minnesota State Patrol Officers says,”Make sure they got the proper hook-ups, the proper hitches when they’re pulling those devices. Also that the brakes, tail lights are working.”

There will be increased patrolling on the roads over the next few days as part of “Click It or Ticket” but that’s not all they’re looking for.

Grabow says, “People that are celebrating this weekend just be smart about it. Have that designated driver set-up, that sober ride.”

Having done this before, Berg has advice so you too can make it to the lakes stress free.

Berg says, “You can’t be in a rush when you’re in this kind of traffic.”

Law enforcement says driver should “expect the unexpected” while heading to Detroit Lakes.

Be smart, patient and pay attention on the road.