Bike Riding Basic Presentation

The weather is nice which means it’s a good time to ride a bike.

The Moorhead Public Library is teaming up with Great Rides Fargo to celebrate National Bike Month by hosting an event to teach residents more about bicycles.

Attendees got a chance to learn about how to properly ride a bike, the safest practices, and there was a hands–on demonstration on patching or replacing a bike tube.

Coordinators hope this event will help to keep bikers safe.

Sarah Watson-Curry, Director of Operations at Great Rides, says”We move through our community in a lot of different ways. Sometimes we are walking, sometimes we are paddling, sometimes we’re driving and regardless of how we are moving throughout our community, we are all people just trying to get through our day. So we want to make sure that whatever mode of transportation you engage in that you are being responsible and that you’re making sure that you’re keeping an eye for other community members as well.”

Great Rides has started a weekly bike riding club, to join visit Great Rides website.