Memorial Day Travel

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There were plenty of events this Memorial Day Weekend that brought many to the Red River Valley.

Ginny Gipp came with her daughter and husband from the east coast to visit family and friends.

Besides the metro, they visited the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in South Dakota and in Park Rapids, Minnesota.

They made it a point to pay their respects to men and women who lost their lives fighting for this country.

Visiting from Washington DC Ginny Gipp says, “My daughter and her father were able to go and decorate graves. We stopped by to see my father–in–law’s grave. He’s buried at the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery.”

Some students who were traveling from Arizona for a Residence Hall Association National Conference at NDSU found security at Hector International Airport a pleasant experience.

One student said it was not the typical holiday weekend experience.

Visiting from Arizona Rebecca Perkins says, “It was nice to kind of just zoom through everything and not have to worry about how long it was going to take and if we were going to miss our flight or anything.”

Memorial Day is listed as one of USA Today’s “Top 10 Worst Travel Days.”