MATBUS Route Changes Coming To F-M Area

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Some changes are coming to MATBUS in Fargo and Moorhead.

City leaders in Moorhead now voting in favor of a Downtown Circulator.

Moorhead is also making some changes to Route 5, which covers the southern part of the city.

Both routes will give riders a new way to get around.

Additional streets are being added to route 5.

That’s good news for a representative for the Clay County Collaborative.

Clay County Collaborative Carolyn Strnad says, “We’ve identified transportation as one of those critical areas of need in order to access those appointment and services. For some of our families that means the public transportation.”

The route will now run from 24th avenue south all the way to 40th avenue south.

Transit Manager Lori Van Beek says, “We can reach the new Hornbacher’s shopping center, multi-family housing in that area as well as the Essentia Clinic and so that we can reach places that people really want to go.”

The council also hosted an open hearing on the new downtown bus route between Fargo and Moorhead.

But no one got up to talk.

City Council Chamber Steve Gehrtz says, “Good opportunity to connect our two communities.”

The Downtown Circular Route will be free and run every 15–minutes or less.

City Council Chamber Mike Mulett says, “The bus will really be helpful because you don’t have to try to find a spot in downtown Fargo to park.”

Matbus route changes give connections to new riders.

Moorhead Mayor Del Rae Williams says, “It just makes our great community even better.”

Surveys will be taken over the next five years to find new future MATBUS improvements.

Strnad adds, “We would like to see things where we can shorten the amount of time they are on the bus and possibly even shorten the number of transfers that they would need to make.”

Both MATBUS routes have been approved.

The Downtown Circular Route will go into effect in June and the Route Five