Mock Plane Crash at Hector International Airport

A mock plane crash at Hector International Airport helped train first responders in case of a life–emergency.

KVRR’s Brittany Ford was on the scene for the exercise and has the story.

Flashing lights and first responders set the scene for what a full scale disaster at

Hector International airport would look like.
Two school buses were used as mock crashed air planes.

The disaster drill is a way for responding agencies to practice and prepare for disaster scenarios.

“Something like this really happens we kind of know what to expect whose going to show up. Whose going do what we know what our role is so it’s much easier for us. To actually respond in a disaster time when we’ve had this practice,” said Nancy Young Red Cross Disaster Volunteer Manager.

Predictability isn’t a word used often in disaster situations, and that goes for the weather conditions too.

The rain and windy weather made this simulation that much more real for first responders and volunteers.

“Things aren’t just going to happen in sunny weather. It was a little different having the rain just added a little more realism and urgency to this training,” said Hector International Airport Fire Chief David Bush.

First responders treated and checked volunteers who portrayed victims injured in the crash.

McCall Flatt played the pilot and said the experience was all too real.

“It’s a very real and its scary stuff, and it’s good though to be prepared for such an event if something to happen like that. It’s kind of intense you get kind of played into the role, ” said Volunteer McCall Flatt.

It’s a practice that helps everyone involved be a little more prepared for the unexpected.

Brittany Ford KVRR News.

The exercise is conducted every three years to meet FAA requirements.