Two Men Arrested After Gas Station Brawl

Two people face disorderly conduct charges after a brawl in Fargo.

Twenty-three-year-old Adan Mohamud and 27-year-old Ahmed Aimad are facing the charges.

Police arrived at the Exxon gas station on 13th Avenue South near I-29 around 3 a.m. Thursday morning. A station employee had seen the free-for-all fight and called 9-1-1.

There were minor injuries and police say alcohol appeared to be a factor.

The manager says he was not surprised to hear the news this morning.

“When you run a station that’s open 24 hours and you’re on one of the busiest intersections in Fargo it wouldn’t surprise me. We get all kinds of different people that show up throughout the early morning hours,” says Exxon Manager Mike Argall.

The same gas station was robbed back in March.