Fargo Police Using Social Media

 Information about crime in Fargo is being released faster than ever.
 The Fargo Police Department is actively using social media to let people know about threats and dangers in the city.

Facebook, Twitter: these are all tools we use to connect.

In addition to connecting with the community, the Fargo Police Department also uses these tools to fight crime.
“It certainly is a great tool in our toolbox to not only solve crimes but probably more importantly to educate the public and to share information with the public to try to prevent crimes from happening,” said Fargo Police Department Lt. Joel Vettel.
Police are posting pictures of wanted criminals on social media and sometimes, people recognize them and tell police.
“They’ll contact us using traditional ways such as by phone or even come down by the station and talk to us in reference to that tip,” said Lt. Vettel.
Many in the community agree this is a good idea.
“Sometimes it’s a good thing, at least you know where things are happening and what’s going on and where to stay away from,’ said Shirley Walker of Fargo.
Patrick Thiel has lived in Fargo since 2001 and thinks this kind of transparency can help people who may be misinformed.
“Sometimes there’s some people that have some fears that may not be justified because they don’t know the information and kind of what’s going on and what’s a threat and what’s not a threat,” said Thiel.
Many people that I spoke to say they weren’t aware the Fargo Police Department has a Facebook page, but after hearing about it many people say they’re going to be checking it out.
“I didn’t know about it so now I have to go home and like the Facebook page and get all my information,” said Thiel.
It’s a tool that the Fargo Police Department uses to keep the community safe.

To stay connected with the Fargo Police Department you can visit their Facebook page.