Midwest Kid Fest Celebrates 16 Years

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The Midwest Kid Fest parades across Fargo for the 16th year in a row.

Due to the threat of bad weather, the event was moved to Scheels Arena.

The weather was good enough for the kids to hold the annual teddy bear parade on the outside of the arena.

They shared candy and finished the walk with a petting zoo and rides.

There are also 30 booths, inflatables and live entertainment.

“We have over 30 booths, we have all kinds of things inside on the main level as well as on the rink level and we were able to do the parade outside on the park grounds. So it’s fantastic and it was obviously well fit,” says Carolyn Boutain, Director of Cultural Activities.

Five thousand people are expected to attend.┬áThe festivities continue until 7 o’clock Friday.