Fathers Catered to for the Day

Today is the one special day of the year that dads are catered to by their kids.

KVRR Reporter Erin Lisch sees how Father’s Day was spent in Fargo.

Taking on the track, kids celebrate Dads being their dad!

Reyna Bert of Fargo said, “He doesn’t get us stuff to keep us happy, he does because he loves us so much.”

Her sister Kaliya Bert said, “He’s done so much.”

Getting breakfast in bed and being treated like a king for the day, fathers say they appreciate being appreciated.

With his wife and two daughters David Bert said, “I got to enjoy it all, instead of doing it all, so it’s been a lot of fun.”

And while some dads took a fast pace, others took a laid back route on the links

Teaching the techniques of the game to his soon to be son–in–law, he says that after having his own children, the meaning of Father’s Day has changed.

Mark Brenner of South Fargo said, “It’s something you can’t explain until you go through it. Once that first child is born it’s just really a unique thing and a very bless thing and I’ve enjoyed it greatly, it’s been a great honor.”

When asked if their dad was cool, responses were music to a dad’s ear.

“He more, he’s like the best dad in the world,” said Kaliya.

Erin Lisch KVRR News

We want to wish all of the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day.