Crops In The Southern Valley Damaged

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 Farmers in the valley are still feeling the aftermath of a hail storm over the weekend.
The hail destroyed several acres of farmland in southeast North Dakota.
Dennis Klosterman is talking with his crop insurance agent about his corn and soybean losses due to a recent hailstorm.

He estimates 500 acres are damaged in his 4,000 acre farm.
“It’s so frustrating, you work hard and spend a lot of money on it and then in a matter of minutes, it’s blown off but that’s farming,” said Klosterman.
He’s not the only one with these kinds of losses.

Jack Bjerke with Valley Crop Insurance has visited several farms with hail damage.
“With the crop prices the way they are, I’m sure all the farmers are concerned right now. You know, I mean crop prices are down considerably on corn and soybean,” said Bjerke.
Many farmers here in the valley lost soybean crops, and a way you could tell is if the stem is intact or not.

Officials tell us damage is widespread throughout the region.
“It’s going to hurt them a lot actually. You know, it’s kind of their livelihood it’s what they do for a living,” said Brock Shouldis with Ag Extension.
Klosterman tells us he is thankful he has crop insurance.

He says he isn’t too worried about the upcoming farming season.
“It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time, I’m sure,” said Klosterman.
It’s damage that many in the southern valley are still recovering from.
Officials tell us the hardest hit areas were Mooreton and Barney, towns west of Wahpeton.