Neighbors Speak Out On North Fargo Murders

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In the past 24 hours, two men have been murdered. Ashley Hunter is in custody accused of both killings.

Police just released the name of one of the victims.
He is 45-Year-Old Clarence Flowers of Fargo.

He was found dead Monday at 319 12th Avenue North.

KVRR’s Erin Lisch has more.
Authorities were called here just after midnight at 1122 12th Avenue North for a fire.

They didn’t find a fire but did find smoke and a dead body.

Neighbors knew something wasn’t quite right.
“I hear another siren, and they stop in front of our house and I was like I’m going to check it out. So we went outside and sure enough, there’s four firetrucks and however many they had, and ambulance. I mean we could hear the fire alarm going off still,” says Adam Girtz.
Crime tape surrounds the scene of the rental property of the Catholic Diocese of Fargo.

The body of a 25-year-old man was taken away this morning after being allegedly murdered by Ashley Hunter.

He is now facing two counts of murder after possibly killing a 45-year-old less than a mile away.
“Both of our deceased victims had injuries that were to some level of violence and certainly we haven’t released the type of injuries related to those in either case,” says Fargo Police Lieutenant Joel Vettel.
A SWAT team failed to find Hunter last night at a building in north Fargo.

He turned himself into police this morning, only a block away from the second murder.
People who have lived here for decades say that Fargo is changing.
“I’ve lived here for fifty years. You see diversity and the college is growing, there’s more crime with more people,” says John Bultman
Hunter has a violent past.

He’s been arrested before for stabbing another man during a sexual act with three people back in 2013.

Erin Lisch KVRR News.

We will bring you the latest information from Police tomorrow morning when they hold a press conference.