Hometown Favorite: The Pizza Place that Knows Your Name

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We’re starting a new segment here at KVRR; your Hometown Favorites.

We asked, ‘What’s your favorite pizza?’ and your choice was heard loud and clear.
Sammy’s Pizza in downtown Fargo won the latest online poll, and as KVRR’s Aries Serrano tell us, they’re not surprised.
KVRR Reporter, Aries Serrano: “I’m standing here in front of Sammy’s Pizza in downtown Fargo where you the viewers voted them hometown favorite pizza place of the week. They’ve been in business since 1956 and we’ll tell you why.”
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Ron Fremling is trying Sammy’s Pizza for the first time.

He’s on a business trip from Minneapolis and says he wanted to try something local.
Ron Fremling, Customer: “It’s delicious. The pizza as far as exactly what we were hoping for; thin crust, good sauce, homemade sausage. It’s perfect.”
Sammy’s owner Teresa Tiloc tells us she isn’t shocked her business won our online poll.
Teresa Tiloc, Owner: “Well I’m not surprised, but I find it kind of humorous though because so many of our customers don’t even use the internet.”
She says the store has always had a strong reputation in town.

She also says the store’s first owner Gene Cortez was the first to bring pizza to Fargo.

“Owners say it’s the pizza recipe and the people that make the place so successful.”
“Not only the recipe, but it’s the people that come here because they had their first date, they got engaged here.”
Tiloc says employees make it a point to get to know customers.
“I would say 85% of the people that come into this place get hugs. We know them by their first name.”
“And that’s the way they slice it here at Sammy’s Pizza.

Be sure to vote for next week’s hometown favorite.

Reporting in downtown Fargo, Aries Serrano KVRR News.

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