NDSU Host “How We Survive” Writing Workshop

NDSU hosted a workshop encouraging community members to use writing as a way of Survival, Support, and Healing.
The workshop that is organized through NDSU’s Red River Valley Project was held in Barry Hall.

It’s aimed to support mental health through creativity and literacy.
Participants wrote poems, essays, and memoirs about different obstacles they have survived.

“From childhood or a really painful traumatic experience so this workshop called How We Survive was an opportunity for people in the community to come together, and get some support in writing those stories,” said Kelly Sassi Director Red River Valley Writing Project.
Participants not only had the chance to share their stories but also heal from them

“Well you think done, I’m done with that and you’re not. You have more of a story, and that’s important and also that I might help somebody else write their story and that is the healing part I believe,” said Ronya Hoblit Authentic Voices Event Planner.

For more information about the workshop, and the Red River Valley Writing Project you can click here .