Unique Animal Becomes Part of a Business

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After a decade in the tree business, Moorhead’s Big Tree Nursery is celebrating.

There’s also a exotic employee at the store KVRR Reporter Noor Alomran has more.

It’s the season where people gather under the shades of trees, even growing their own.

“Getting people in their yards, getting busy doing some yard work,” explained Kari  Fischer, the daughter of the owner.

It’s the tenth anniversary for Big Tree Nursery, and they’re celebrating it with an open house.

“There is nothing that satisfies a person more than to have success, a good healthy looking tree. So, the biggest thing that I could say is, you know, that you got to have good soil, plant the tree correctly, water it properly, if it’s well drained it will grow the way it’s supposed to and you’ll be happy,” says Tim Fischer, the owner of Big Tree Nursery.

Not only that, but there is also a unique sales buddy that wouldn’t be found anywhere else.

Muerte, this two month old crow, not only is a part of a family but also has a very special story behind him.

“I was the one cutting down the tree and the tree hit the ground and then I was looking through the branches and there was a crow nest in there, then looked a bit closer and there was a little baby crow in the crow’s nest,” described Fischer.

“The bird rode the nest all the way to the ground. My girlfriend picked it up and it wasn’t injured in any way, so she texted me asking me if I wanted a bird and I said sure, and we’ve been taking care of it ever since,” added Wynn Hoskins, Muerte’s owner.

And with the open house, people were able to take pictures with the Muerte.

“It’s playful, it’s just–it’s just a pet,” says Fischer.

Even though Muerte isn’t your usual pet,

“I’m glad that he’s around, he brings a happy atmosphere to our nursery,” Kari explains.

He found a perfect home.

Hours of operation for tree Services seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Hours of Operation for Nursery is Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 7 pm and Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm. For more information visit their website at Tim Fischer Tree Service.