Man Attempts to Ram Cop Car During Police Chase

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Two people from Fargo are in custody after a pursuit early this morning.

45-year-old Tino Rodriguez and 23-year-old Kalynnan Anderson were arrested just before 1:00 this morning after refusing to pull over for officers.

Law enforcement responded when the two attempted to ram an undercover police car on a call.

Police called for back-up and speeds reached 70mph during the pursuit.

Officers used stop sticks to slow down the vehicle on Main Avenue in Moorhead.
Police say typically they do not pursue vehicles at high speeds.

Fargo Police’s Lt. Michael Mitchell said,”There is a danger to the public and other motorists, that why we had a very restricted policy. This one fell within our policy perimeters because of the attempt to use his vehicle as a weapon when he tried to run the officer off the roadway.”

Rodriguez and Anderson are being held at the Clay County Jail.

They will be charged in both Moorhead and Fargo.