Questions Surround Amber Alert Notification After Vehicle Stolen with Child Inside

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People in Fargo were startled to get a CODE RED alert last night when a van with a sleeping child inside was stolen.
Fargo Police arrested the man involved two hours later.

KVRR’s Brittany Ford has more on why an Amber Alert wasn’t issued.

“They called and said they’ve found him, and I was really relieved that they found him. Found the car and found the little boy.”
A call came in to Fargo Police after a man took a van from the Asian and American Market on Main Avenue around 9:40 last night.

Police used surveillance video from a nearby McDonald’s and got a tip about a drunk man and arrested 33-year-old Ali Hashi.
“Conducted an interview and the suspect we had in our custody did admit to taking the van and was able to direct the officers to the location where he dumped or left the van,” said Lt. Mike Mitchell of Fargo Police.
In that back of that van, 3-year-old Skyler Ley-Kha was sound asleep.
“It was terrifying, because just the car is okay, but my son’s sleeping in there and I was like oh my god just give me back my son take the car,” said Paul Tann, Skyler’s father.
Skyler’s father explained to us that in a matter of three minutes of his wife going inside to give him his cell phone, he saw his vehicle backing up out of the driveway.

He tried to hop in the passenger’s seat, but the driver just kept on going.
Police say they tried to issue a state-wide Amber Alert, but are still investigating why it did not work.

Some people who were woken up by the late night call say they didn’t mind.
“When the phone rings most of the time when it rings in the middle of the night something special is going on. No I’m not upset about that, because if there is something that I should know I’d like to know about it,” said Fargo resident Dorothy Jaeger.

Sykler was unharmed and reunited with his parents.

Brittany Ford KVRR News.
Hashi faces a charge of motor theft. He could face other charges.