Tragic Ending For Missing Minnesota Man

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A tragic end in the search for a missing Badger, Minnesota man in Grand Forks.

Police confirm that a body found in the Red River last night is that of 25 year old Aaron Pigeon.

The last known place Aaron Pigeon was seen Saturday night was here at Level 10, a downtown Grand Forks bar.

Those close to him knew something wasn’t right when they didn’t hear from him the next day. That’s when they contacted police

Lt. Derik Zimmel of the Grand Forks Police said, “Under certain circumstances they might disappear for 3 or 4 or 5 days at a time, and nobody thinks anything of it. So in this particular case it was highly unusual and that’s what prompted the response that eventually occurred.”

What happened between when Pigeon left the bar and when his body was found is still under investigation.

People have taken to social media to express their feelings on the loss, including one post from that said, “Why? I love and I miss you Aaron Pigeon The brother I never had. This is hard to even type. My fingers are shaking so bad. My heart aches. This isn’t real.”

People in the community say they are feeling uneasy at night.

Amy Handeland who has lived in Grand Forks for twenty years said, “You used to be safe in grand forks now people are ending up in the river, and you can’t leave the bar and… It’s kind of scary, it really is”

If you do decide to go out at night, officers say make sure to give someone a heads up when you’ll get to your final destination.

“Hopefully there’s someone at the other end that knows when to expect you and if they don’t expect you by that time, they’re going to call someone,” said Lt. Zimmel.

If you have any idea of where Pigeon was Saturday night, you’re asked to contact Grand Forks Police.