Valley City Has To Wait For Fireworks

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 People in Valley City will have to wait until Wednesday to start setting off fireworks.
A new Valley City ordinance allows fireworks to be set off from 8 A.M. to 11 P.M. from July 1st through the 3rd and the 5th.

On the Fourth of July, you can set off fireworks until midnight.

People used to be allowed to set them off the Saturday before the fourth when fireworks went on sale, but now they will have to wait a little longer.
“We just hopefully reduce some of the injuries because of this, and of the course the noise, nuisance. A lot of people are just getting tired of the time that they shoot off. They think five days is enough and it’s probably enough,” said Valley City Fire Department Chief Gary Retterath.
The Valley City Fire Department says last year there were two fireworks related emergency calls and this year there has been one so far.