Do You Know the Metro’s Fireworks Regulations?

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City officials in the metro want to remind you of the regulations when it comes to lighting up the sky this 4th.
KVRR’s Brittany Ford talked with Fargo and Moorhead Fire officials and joins us live.


Alison and TJ, fire crews want everyone in the metro to realize that the ordinances are put in place not to put a damper on the holiday but to keep everyone safe.

If you find yourself asking the same question, here is what you need to know.

In Minnesota aerial fireworks are illegal.

They do allow sparklers and other grocery store bought fireworks.

To make sure you’re following state law, Moorhead Fire encourages people to avoid buying fireworks in North Dakota.
“The key for Minnesotans if you want to say compliant, and stay safe buy your fireworks in Minnesota on this side of the river, and you know that they’re going to be compliant by the law,” said Moorhead Firefighter Kevin Salisbury.
Fireworks are also illegal in Fargo city limits.

You can be fined up to $100 and have to appear in court.
“They are illegal. They’re illegal, because of the problems that come with them especially within a large city we really recommend if you want to watch a firework show just go to a professional one,” said Fargo Fire Marshall Ryan Erickson.
“The only city that is allowing for the legal use of aerial fireworks is in West Fargo, but there are still regulations that are in place”
West Fargo is allowing the use of fireworks from 8am-midnight on July 4th, but these other rules apply.

Some in the area say they’ll play it safe and watch others.
“I’m going to watch other people spend their money light them off, sit back drink a Pepsi, a coffee, light a cigarette,” said Spencer Rysted, who lives in Fargo.
While others say they’ll fire some and watch a professional show.
“Maybe both.  I kind of like to celebrate freedom my own way, and I like to see how other people celebrate it themselves,” said Jamestown Resident Austin Morlock.

Just some of the shows you can catch in our area include at the fairgrounds in West Fargo, Bluestem in Moorhead, at Detroit Lakes and Grand Forks.

Reporting Live Brittany Ford KVRR News.