“Do We Make Mistakes? Absolutely” Fargo PD Discusses Crime

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Fargo Police hold a public meeting to address the high level of violence in our area.

So many people showed up that they had to move the meeting from a classroom to the Roosevelt Elementary gymnasium.

People in the area are concerned about two recent murders, happening within blocks of each other near NDSU.

Ashley Hunter is charged with the murders of Clarence Flowers and Samuel Traut.
People living here are not only concerned about the violent crimes, but other crimes as well.

Roosevelt has the most property crime compared to nearby neighborhoods in part because of outdated light fixtures.

Police say with the public’s help, they are looking to identify exactly what areas need new lighting and the city will work to fix it.

“I live over by Horace Mann and we’ve had an extension cord stolen somebody walked right up to the back of our house, unplugged it through the gate and all and there have been a couple of stolen vehicles that went down our alley, says Gage Hervey of Fargo.

Dozens of citizens also posed concerning questions about witnessing drug deals and after making calls to police, nothing has been done.

There were also several comments about the recent homicides by Ashley Hunter.

“Do we make mistakes? Absolutely. Can we do better professional service? Absolutely. We are trying to push out as much information as possible through social media, the next-door program, Facebook, Twitter,” says Deputy Chief Joe Anderson of Fargo Police.

Police strongly encourage the public to continue reporting anything suspicious to police.

They say the more citizens they hear from about an issue, the more likely they are to stop the problem.