Fair Ride Fanatics

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The Craig Morgan concert is underway at the Red River Valley Fair.

Along with entertainers and all the great food, some say the rides are what draw them in.

Here’s KVRR’s Erin Lisch.

Kids are taking a spin at this year’s fair.

Parents who enjoy rides themselves, love to see their kids follow in their footsteps.

Stephen Wells from Fargo said,”They loved it, they get so excited when they get off I could just tell like good things are happening with them by being on it.”

Fair–goers come out in full force, especially for rides like the toboggan.

Katrina Crane said, “It feels like I’m flying or something.”

Dyllan Borhah said,”It feels so scary but cool at the same time.”

And some people would rather just watch.

Jessica Forderer from Casselton said, “The only ride I ride is on the ground. I just don’t like rides, but my kids love them.”

Although some people may be leery about the safety of the rides, operators say you shouldn’t be worried and just to have fun.

Operating these rides for years Robert Doyle said, “Every day you check your pins and make sure everything is tight, because they shake on the blocks there’s a possibility of falling. As long as you have people with competence, your ride’s safe.”

So sit back and enjoy the ride.

You can enjoy the rides at the fair throughout the week.

Daily Ride Pass Price.

$30 per person, online or on site.