Fargo Parks Ready For Severe Weather

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 Many in the community are still talking about last night’s intense storm that brought several funnel clouds, lightning and some possible tornados to the area.
Leaders from the Fargo Park District say they’re prepared to make sure campers in their parks are safe from emergencies like the severe weather we had this weekend.

These sights were common all over the valley this past weekend.
“It was crazy and even actually when we were driving down here just outside of Grand Forks there was actually a pop up camper that had been overturned,” said Tara Brugger of Portage la Prairie, Canada.
“Really, really windy. Lots of, lots of heavy rain,” said Gary Schnurer of Yuma, Arizona.
“There was a semi in front of us that caught fire during the whole thing, so like there were billowing clouds of smoke. So that was a little surreal I guess,” said Rose Langsjoen of Galveston, Texas.

The Brugger family is camping in Fargo from Portage la Prairie, Canada.
They say the storm from the weekend was intense for them, especially since they were in a camper.
“We had actually just put our baby to bed and so we’re lying in bed and all of a sudden we woke up and we heard tons of just thunder and there’s lightning and lots of rain,” said Brugger.
They’re camping out at Lindenwood Park where they have protocols in place when severe weather shows up.
There are signs telling people to seek shelter in the bathrooms and there’s also staff help notify the campers.
“Our restrooms were designed with safety in mind. Because it’s a campground they’re cinder block so we’ve got good concrete foundations there and walls and so they’re a very safe place to go if the weather is bad,” said Sam Larson-Frobig with the Fargo Park District.
Staff say did help notify campers this weekend of the severe weather.
“Just notifying campers where they should go. Just reminding them and then me calling and reminding staff that we do have a NOAA radio, pull up the satellite on the computer and just watch it,” said Larson-Frobig.
It’s a piece of mind for families.
“We’re a young family, we have a six–month–old so we definitely want to feel safe and have him safe during a storm like that,” said Brugger.
The Fargo Park District says weather is something they take very seriously and they do have someone on call 24/7.