Car Fanatics Take To Downtown

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From Camaros to Mustangs, the Street Fair Car Show takes fair goers on a drive through history.

KVRR’s Nick Broadway Crookston speaks with a man who many say is hardcore about Ford.

Since the 1980’s, car enthusiasts and families alike come to see the fresh coats of paint, clean engines, and car collections old and new.

Northstar Mustang President Richard Adams said, “The people who want to see the other stuff go to the street fair and that, so it’s kind of something for everyone.”

The passion is seen with a 64 Mustang parked next to its newest younger brother.

Signed by Bill Ford himself, this Limited Edition 2015 Mustang belongs to an extremely dedicated collector.

It’s one of less than 2,000 ever made, Travis Brekken is one of the few to own one.

Ford Collector Travis Brekken said, “I knew I wanted a 50th Anniversary and we were trying to find one.”

Friend of Brekken Sue Kaiser said, “I got to watch the unveiling of it, and I told his, this is probably the best christmas present you’ll ever open up. *laughter*”

“It was worth the wait,” said Brekken.

Travis has muscular dystrophy, a disease which weakens the muscles over time.

His mother Marie Brekken said,”He continues to get a little bit worse, but he’s holding his own”

According to his mother, most people who share this disorder don’t live past 16. However, Travis is 37….And his family says they don’t let his disability get in the way of living life.

“He appreciates being treated like you or I,” said Brekken’s mother.

When his fellow collectors need an extra part, or have any car related questions, they go to Travis.

“Especially if it’s a ford.He just about tell you anything you need to know on a Ford,” said Kaiser.

And although he can’t drive, he does get to ride.

“Our goal is to get him in the car, and he just kind of beams when he’s sitting in it,” said Ms. Brekken.

“I enjoy seeing people look at them, and enjoy them, to see what some of the cars used to look like,” said Travis.

Nick Broadway, KVRR News.

All makes and models were welcome at the car show.